Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Advantages of Goal Line Technology

            We have known that goal Line technology is made to help referee to decide it is a score or not. It makes referee’s job easy. It is one of some advantages of using goal line technology. There are some advantages of using goal line technology.
            First is the referee could get an immediate result whether or not the ball is over the line or not. You could connect the technology between the goal line technology and a watch on the referee's wrist. A way to do this is to introduce the ice hockey idea of a buzzer/beep. When there is a goal, the referees watch could make a sound and also show a quick picture on the referee's watch of the line and the ball with the silicon microprocessor being in the ball. This would allow for immediate results and even without this, it does not take long even to have a video replay, though this is not 100% effective as shown by Luis Garcia's goal in the Champions League semifinal versus Chelsea. But cameras from every angle would show whether the ball over the line.
            Secondly, it improves the fairness of the game. It was not fair what happened to England versus Germany, Ireland versus France and Mexico versus Argentina. It would not take long to solve these. It would also make a bit of the pressure off a referee as they could look at a video to see what happened. This would take a few seconds. Also through this it would create an atmosphere.
Third, it would be free. It would only cost some sponsorship. From a financial view, this would be cheaper as surely it would be cheaper for maintenance than to have two referees at each post, either side. And as FIFA get 1 billion dollars profit from the World Cup 'for football' as FIFA say, goal line-technology should be part of the budget, albeit a small part. 
Fourth, human errors that referees and officials make during games could be diminished simply with the introduction of some form of technology. It would mean that players, managers and fans would all see the correct calls being made during games.
The others advantages are:
·         The results are more accurate than human observations and decisions
·         It is not effected by the weather such as when visibility is bad during a game
·         Since the decision is decided in an objective manner mechanically, there can be less arguments.
·         If the football league adopts this proposal, then it may be able to send a trend for other leagues to follow
·         The challenges by different coaches can slow down the game with the referees having to watch replays repeatedly
They are the advantages of using goal line technology. It makes the matches fairness, helps the referee’s job, and decreases the mistake in the matches.

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  1. It's great. However, please make it balance each paragraph. In addition, why do you make a list in the last ?